Day 22 - Sandy Sunday 

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

Sunday is good for the rest, but not for our team. We decided to find some interesting places in Dunhuang, but first we were surprised to meet with guys from Volkswagen Shanghay in our hotel, who had a special event there. They wished good luck to us.

After that unplanned meeting we visited Mingshashan-Yueyaquan National Park. And it's was good idea to visit it in the morning, because it is more quiet, rather than in the afternoon, when the Park is crowded by lots of people. There were dunes of a Mingshashan desert and one fantastic oasis with Moonlake - impressive, serene and very nice place! Here you can meditate or just walk, but in dunes, which surround this place, you can find a lot of activities. For example, you can try to ride a camel, feeling like a traveller in the times of Marco Polo. We tried and it wasn`t so easy - you must be in a good physical form condition to ride a real camel all the time.

Of course to go on foot through the dunes is more difficult, but camel riding is a real physical drill. After this "test-ride" you can try a very funny activity - sandriding by bamboo sledge. And there is no need to go upeard with this sledge - strong and thin chinese guys can bring it to the start point for you. They take 8 sledges on their back and go to the top with a smile on their faces. Incredible! The weight of this set is more than 40 kg! Chinese guys are really hard as nails! Also there are offroad tours on SUV or ATV, tracking and some other activities in the dunes, but don't forget to get special red boots covers, before you start the excursion: this device keeps your foots out of sand. We ignored that option and had to clean our socks and boots after that walk.

After visiting Mingshashan-Yueyaquan National Park we decided to wash our Volkswagen Tiguan and I didn't realize, that the colour of our Tiguan was so nice, becaulse i had seen only dirty car all days before that moment! And now we can send a sunlight signals to the space after washing! So we plan to go closer to the dunes once again and take some pictures for our sponsors and partners. And then we return to our nice hotel in Dunhuang to prepare for our start to Xinjiang this night.


Author: Dmitry Makarov