Day 0. We started!

World Record Run: Shanghai to Venice (August 19th to August 24th)

We are now at the starting point. The representatives of the German Consulate will witness the start time and fill it in the official form. The car is refueled, washed and prepared for the upcoming six days of record-breaking long distance tour. At this point everybody of us has some kind of unusual feeling - the new world record – this is not a joke and not even an inspection tour, in which we have chosen the tempo of movement mode and speed, depending on our wishes and circumstances. Now we must transform ourselves in those wishes and circumstances that will lead us from Shanghai to Venice in less than six days via all border crossings, different roads, mountain passes and other obstacles.

The maximum concentration and willingness!

We decided to start from the gates of the German Consulate. It`s quiet and peaceful in the morning. The traffic in Shanghai at that time still allows you quickly get out of the city. We will write about all that happens with us online. Stay tuned for our location on the website! Good luck!


Author: Dmitry Makarov