Day 24 – Hello, Shanghai!

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

Our plan for the day was to get up early and have a really long ride. As simple as that. There were 1,300 km to go to Shanghai, but the next morning we had to be energetic and cheerful at the end point of our inspection tour and the starting point of the world record – in Shanghai.

Indeed, we had planned to make as few stops as possible for the most essential reasons. However, while having dinner we got too engaged with the organization of the upcoming record and spent more time in the small town of Nanyang than expected. That is why our footage activities were reduced to the bare minimum: we tested the new drone for videos and took some photos on the highway. We would have experienced no events at all, but for the bees: as soon as we got out the car at a small bridge to make some shooting, I was attacked by wild bees. There were no apparent reasons at all! I got a sore bite to the neck and a few minutes of being chased by a whole hive. I was sheltered only inside our Tiguan. Meanwhile, our cameraman Alexander had already gone away to the shooting site with no visible damage acquired. However, in the next few minutes he was running down the road cursing loudly and swinging his bag with the video equipment: the bees reached him as well, and he got a lot more bites. However, we managed to deliver the things we planned and used the drone successfully. Then, we had nothing to do but to congratulate each other on the end of the first shooting phase and to move on. Shanghai was lying ahead of some 900 km drive on a great G40 highway. In the night, we stopped somewhere to have a short dinner, crossed China’s longest river, the Yangtze, and headed to the finish line. That is, to the start. That is, to Shanghai, which was reached a little after four o’clock in the morning.


Author: Dmitry Makarov