Day 25 – Shanghai Which I Love

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

As usual, we didn’t have much time to sleep. For sure, we will have to wake up even earlier before the record trip. However, having arrived at 4 a.m., we still needed rest. But it was out of the question as we were in Shanghai and there were only two or three days left to plunder the city in the 24/7 mode! Even early in the morning, on your way to the scheduled appointment at the Consulate, you look around – and your sleepiness is vanished as if by magic. Skyscrapers, streets, people and traffic, so alive and pleasant. Everything is shining, dinging and sparking and goes directly into your heart. Put it bluntly, you don’t meet such cities really often. So when it turned out that we arrived at the wrong address, I was even happy: Shanghai tour was to continue!

At the German Consulate with the correct address, they gave us enough attention and were greatly interested by the project of our World Record. We got used to our main residence in the last month. However, sitting in the real “combat” Volkswagen Tiguan that was to hit the unique Silk Road marathon was an exciting experience for the guys from the Consulate. For sure, the official representatives of Germany gladly accepted our invitation to participate in the launch ceremony to officially witness the start time of our main trip from Shanghai to Venice.

After visiting the Consulate, we returned to the hotel to treat the wounds of our cameraman Alexander: the yesterday’s bee stings made their toll. Chinese insects were both mad and effective, leaving on the body of our friend and colleague about 10 sore and visible wounds within a few seconds. It is a good thing the Chinese medicine knows how to treat such stings: a special ointment fetched to us by our guide Mr. Wang literally revived Alex.

The night came before long. It was time to enjoy the views and colors of Shanghai over and over again. And, of course, to meet with one of our partners, a representative of Magna. A dinner under the clouds, a pleasant conversation, and an amazing panoramic view... Such atmosphere turns even an official meeting into an intimate party. Moreover, Shanghai with its wonderful ointment works like magic for our cameraman. Just an hour and a half before, he refused to leave his room citing poor health, but now he proposed to return to the hotel a bit later to run the drone over the main attractions of Shanghai sparkling in the night and giving even more positive vibes...

By the way, it’s time to describe our partners.

First is the Volkswagen Russia presenting us this great Tiguan TSI 150 hp, which performs great so far on our Tiguan test tour. And we are really looking forward to driving it on the way back from Shanghai to Venice in a new World Record time.

Another division of Volkswagen Russia, which supports us is Volkswagen Services. They provide us with Volkswagen Original Parts, like brake pads and disks, and our TSI engine runs on Volkswagen Genuine Oil. All of them work perfectly and can only be recommended by us. Also we have got great support and checks at all Volkswagen dealers we have visited in Russia, Germany, Italy and China.

Next one is Magna exterior from Kaluga (Russia), where they are one of the biggest suppliers of Volkswagen factory in Kaluga. Magna is the number one supplier in North America, and the third in the world - Magna has set world records too! Magna Exteriors group  focused on design of the technology of the car of the future, material science and design. They will drive innovation and create extraordinary customer experience.

Our Tiguan runs on tires from Continental CrossContactLX Sport  and they provide great performance and traction on our way. We are sure no hardship will stop our record run.

With our ATM Start Stop battery from Exide, a long term partner of ours, we know that their batteries never let us down and always deliver the energy for our electronic equipment inside the Tiguan.

The Rival undershield plate stops the underneath body from smashing and engine oil in chassis from stone hinges and other things laying on the road.

Our Eibach springs work great with the additional weight inside the Tiguan and help the Tiguan to survive some of the deeper potholes and road waves we saw on this trip. Great springs, which we all appreciate very much to have on board.


Author: Dmitry Makarov