Day 2 - Volkswagen Dealership

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

It was such an eventful day. In the morning we went to De Bona, a Volkswagen dealership near Venice. The company’s specialists performed a complete maintenance of our car for tomorrow’s race. They checked the suspension and wheel alignment, diagnosed the electronics and changed the motor oil.

Now our engine runs on the Long Life III, a genuine 5W30 Volkswagen oil. We will complete the whole route on it and change it only after the finish, here in Venice as well.

Our partners from Exide Technologies installed a new, larger battery on our Volkswagen Tiguan TSI 150 h.p. Highly-efficient components and materials are used to produce Start-Stop AGM batteries. They are a perfect match for vehicles equipped with a Start-Stop system.

We would like to thank all the specialists and technicians who helped us prepare our car for the start.

We returned to Venice in the afternoon to take more photos in this astonishing city. Everyone knows that Venice is a car-free zone, so there would be no pictures of us in front of the tourist sights this time. But we tried to capture a part of the city on our photos and came as close to it as we could. Elizabeth Gasparella from Magna joined us in Venice and interviewed Rainer Zietlow for the company’s official YouTube channel.

Dark clouds covered the sky, the wind gained strength and rain started pouring as soon as we were finished. We were lucky to have done everything we wanted by then and could leave for the hotel.


Author: Rodion Baranov