Day 3 - Port of Venice

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

This day is one of the most important in our Tiguan – Silkroad journey. Rainer Zietlow’s team set out for Shanghai on their Volkswagen Tiguan 150 h.p. TSI from the Port of Venice at 12 o’clock sharp (CET). Representatives of the Port, the City Council, the German Consulate in Venice, the city’s consul as well as sponsors attended the opening ceremony. All lengthy formal speeches were reserved for the finish that will take place here on August 25.

Rainer Zietlow is bringing souvenirs to Shanghai. An antique lithography depicting Venetian channels as a present from the Port of Venice to Shanghai's. A banner bearing the crest of Venice to be given to Shanghai City Council on behalf of Venice's. And a cup of Murano glass for the City Council of Suzhou, a sister city of Venice.

Rainer Zietlow gives his thanks to the City Council and Port of Venice as well as the German Consulate and the sponsors for organizing the official launch of the Tiguan – Silkroad project.

The team will spend most of their time in the car from now on. Not only when traveling from one point to another, but often sleeping in it and constantly covering the project on the move.

Our trunk and part of the interior are now taken up by equipment necessary for the journey: an additional fuel tank (in the trunk), a couple of spare tires and our personal belongings. Despite that, we could make ourselves comfortable in the Volkswagen Tiguan 150 h.p. TSI. We are creating living conditions at the first stage of the journey, right as we go. We have a stable Internet connection and can charge our equipment as a result. All team members created convenient working places for themselves by the end of day one.

We reached the border between Italy and Slovenia in mere hours after the start. Though calling it a border is but a formality: we could tell we left Italy and entered Slovenia only by the road signs.

Slovenian roads are toll roads, but there are no pay points. You have to purchase a vignette, a special sticker that lets you drive on motorways. To save time on formalities in our record-breaking journey, we have purchased a vignette for its whole duration.

This day is coming to an end, but we are sure that all the most interesting things lay ahead.


Author: Rodion Baranov