Day 5. (Part 1) A New World Record is set up!

World Record Run: Shanghai to Venice (August 19th to August 24th)

Great news! We just have arrived in Venice in a new World Record time. From Shanghai to Venice we only needed 5 days and 18 hours and 22 minutes for in total 12 575 km. We, Rainer Zietlow, Peter Bakanov and Dmitry Makarov, drove with the new Volkswagen Tiguan TSI 150 h.p. on the trails of Marco Polo on the ancient Silk Road from East to West. We are proud to be the fastest on the oldest and most famous commercial route in the World. At this point we would like to say thank you very much to all our partners, sponsors and all people and agencies supporting us at this great tour. Also thanks to our followers and people, who believed, and we hope you have enjoyed our blogs, videos and pictures. We would like to say goodbye for now and hopefully represent you new challenges in future!

Author: Rainer Zietlow, Dmitry Makarov and Peter Bakanov