Day 20 - From west to the east

Scout Tour: From Venice to Shanghai (July 24th to August 19th)

We didn`t have time to rest. We need to finish all our uploadings of the days 16, 17 and 18 and fix some bugs on the website It took about 3 hours and after that we continued our trip. We came to the Old City of Kashgar to make filming near Camel`s monument to mark our Silk Road story.

It's very interesting: Kashgar has two parts of old city - one is renovated and looks like a picture on postcard: there is a lot of shops, restaurants and tourists inside. The second part, wich is opposite to the road is full of really old buildings without any signs of restore processes. It's looks like Marco Polo also saw it. But we had a feeling that the time of that old-old city was gone.
We had a lunch in cute authentic restaurant and after it we went to the fuel station. It is something special, like a visit to the top secret military object: several policemen check the documents, verify ID of our guide and check our baggage. Safety is first. But the locals don`t carry about it, because a lotd of them use electric powered scooters for moving inside the city. Absolutely quite and ecologically clean - it's is just the future of Europe.

And I`ve just forgot to say: now our team consits of four people, because our necessary guide mr. Wang goes with us. Also we have chinese driving licenses and permissions. And It's good to have a local guide, because not so much people speak English here and communication without him is so complicated.
And now we use all free space in our Volkswagen Tiguan, because there are four men with bags, photo cameras, extra fuel storage and two wheels inside. Trust me, it`s a challenge - i was afraid about sleeping in car when we were even three people inside, but now we are four people! Nevertheless, Tiguan provide us a great comfort during our driving.
And now we are driving on the brand new Kashgar highway. We need to drive about 900 km to our next destination in Korla. 
It's looks like chinese part of world record drive from Shanghai to Venice will be the fastest, most comfortable section and absolutely cool!



Author: Dmitry Makarov